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Insurance Coverage

Neuronetics, developer of the NeuroStar TMS Therapy® system, has been leading the effort to secure health insurance coverage. TMS Therapy® may be covered by your health insurance provider on a case-by-case basis.

You can work with Dr. Wajda and the NeuroStar® Care Connection (NCC) program to seek coverage for your TMS Therapy. The objective of this program is to assist you in gaining access to NeuroStar TMS therapy as quickly as possible by assisting in securing coverage and reimbursement. Programs like the Care Connection are necessary because new therapies like NeuroStar TMS are often not included in health insurance plans when they first become available to patients. It usually takes time for health insurance plans to establish coverage policies for newly approved technologies such as NeuroStar TMS.

Can you begin treatment before your approved?

In order to begin this process you should first schedule a consultation with Dr. Wajda. At that time, a consultation will be performed to review your history to determine if TMS therapy may benefit you. Once prescribed by the doctor we will work with you to start the insurance authorization process along with other finance options.

Our TMS Coordinator Tamera Smith can discuss financing options and details with you if needed (559) 493-5544.
Dr. Wajda and Esano Corporation does not participate in any healthcare insurance plans; however, we do assist our patients in submitting their bills to their own insurance companies (with the exception of Medicare and MediCal) and we are often successful in assisting them in obtaining all or partial reimbursement for our services. 

For patients who may need to pay all or a part of the cost out-of-pocket, services can be paid from your healthcare flexible spending account. We can also work out individual payment plans, or assist patients to work with several health financing companies.

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Please Note:The information provided herein is intended to assist physicians and/or patients in accurately obtaining reimbursement for healthcare services. It represents no statement, promise or guarantee by Neuronetics or Esano Corporation or Dr. Wajda concerning levels of reimbursement, payment, or charge. Coverage and payment varies according to medical necessity, the payer’s coverage guidelines, and the patient’s individual plan guidelines.

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